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Since 1981

Translation Company CG Translation & Interpretation, Versailles, a reference for international communication

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Since 1981, we offer interpreters and turnkey equipment for industrial, sporting, legal and financial meetings and conferences for luxury and the intellectual elite.


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They trusted us

“I thank you for everything. The performance of your interpreters was of very high quality. Unanimously, they did a great job with a kindness and smile constantly despite the difficulty of some interventions. Thank you very much.”

Caroline Pétillon | Constitutional Council - Head of the External Relations Department

“Very good responsiveness to the urgency of the demand (5:15 pm for 10am the next day). Technician Great sense of service and responsiveness.”

Sophie Thomas | Project Manager

The pitfalls of translation

The pitfalls of moving from one language to another are multiple.     Two-way words that may compromise credibility. I remember having declaimed to English colleagues « I am available ! » To share his work with me but « I am available » Also means « I'm...

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How to judge the price of a translation?

It should be remembered that the translation is not regulated in certain countries, including France - and that anyone can self-declare himself a translator. It is necessary to carefully recruit his translation partner without forgetting that the skills of a...

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How does the interpretation work?

Which mode of interpretation to choose ? Interpret simultaneously is to translate an oral discourse without interrupting the speaker. This technique can be learned during a specialized course for 4 or 5 years, also devoted to the acquisition of a large general...

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Neural machine translation

Google, Systran and more! Google has decided to harness artificial intelligence and venture into neural machine translation in eight languages, including French, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese into English. Systran is launching PNM (for "Purely Neural MT"), a...

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Useful translation

The issue of translation usefulness is something which crops up in all languages but more specifically and more obviously in English, the language which has become the lingua franca. Not communicating in English is like cutting oneself off from the world. As a result,...

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